Say goodbye to the struggles of going it alone as a solopreneur. Our accelerator is dedicated to helping you build a thriving business that doesn't consume all your time, drain your finances, or distract from your family. We'll provide answers to all your questions and concerns, so you can confidently take the next step toward creating a sustainable and successful business. Schedule your admissions interview now and start turning your vision into reality.

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Startup Warrior is the ultimate accelerator and funding solution for startup founders. We are dedicated to helping you turn your vision into a profitable reality. Our program offers a comprehensive approach, including:
  • Clarity on your vision and the building of relationships to launch and scale your business.
  • A step-by-step guide to take you from zero to a profitable launch.
    Introductions to funding partners, potential audiences and key agencies.
  • Access to all the resources you need to manage every aspect of your business.
    A supportive community of business builders, coaches and brand builders to help you achieve your goals.
  • Potential funding of up to $150k within 1-3 months, and training on how to raise capital like a pro.

The Old Way Of Raising Capital

The investment process can be a long and arduous journey. After reaching out to potential investors and securing a pitch meeting, you may have to wait several weeks before receiving a response, and even then it may be a rejection. If you are fortunate enough to move forward, be prepared for a series of meetings, background and credit checks, and legal due diligence.


This can be a rigorous process, and many businesses may not make it through. Once you pass these stages, the negotiation process begins, which can be challenging as investors may push for terms that are unfavorable to you as the founder. All of this can be draining, and it's important to be prepared for the journey ahead. That’s a lot, right?

Our Way: Investment Cycling 

Stage One

Our analysts will review your PD & ES and will provide you with expert feedback in order to create the laser focused message that you will present to us and other investors. (Includes templates, training, and bi-weekly pitch practices)

Stage Two

You will have a pitch meeting with our investors.  After which one of two things will happen:  Either you will receive feedback from our analysts on how to further improve your pitch, or we will move forward to the due diligence stage.

Stage Three

We will discuss terms for a potential investment utilizing one of the following: Convertible Note, SAFE Note, or Equity Investment. (Every investment opportunity is unique and each deal is structured to the type of opportunity)

Investment Structures


(Simple Agreement for Future Equity) It is a convertible security that, like an option or warrant, allows the investor to buy shares in a future priced round. Startups prefer SAFE notes because, unlike convertible notes, they are not debt and therefore do not accrue interest.

Convertible Note 

Like a SAFE Note, It is a convertible security that allows the debt to be converted into equity in the company (typically in the form of preferred stock) at some specified future event (typically at the seed or series A round) but it usually accrues 2% interest per year until it converts.

Priced Equity Investment 

This is purchasing shares in your startup at a fixed price. before completing the investment, the asset has a determined valuation.

Check Sizes

Most of our deals will be milestone-based financing (tranched), meaning what we invest now may not be the total amount that we will invest as you progress. If, an investment is made, our deal sizes vary depending on the stage your company is in, as outlined below:

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Mentoring And Support

Module 1: Startup Builder Blueprint

  • Section 1: Overcoming The Pressures Of Entrepreneurialism
  • Section 2: Creating Your Market And Beating The Competition
  • Section 3: Setting The Baseline For Your Marketing/Sales Strategies
  • Section 4: Understanding Your Finances/KPI's
  • Section 5: Optimizing And Automating Your Business
  • Bonus Section: Website and Logo Design

Module 2: Fast Cycle Growth Methods

  • Section 6: Pre-Launch Preparations
  • Section 7: Key Technologies And How To Outsource
  • Section 8: Advanced Customer Acquisition Methods
  • Section 9: In Depth Facebook and Instagram Ads Training
  • Section 10: In-Depth YouTube and Google Ads Training
  • Section 11: Everything You Need To Know About Raising Capital

Module 3: Investment Fast Track

  • Section 12: Investor attraction system
  • Section 13: How to negotiate the best deal
  • Section 14: Maximizing your valuation
  • Section 15: Close out the round and pop the champagne! 

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